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Debit Cards

You are not ordinary. Your debit card shouldn’t be either. In today’s world, you expect immediate solutions. We do, too. That’s why we offer Instant Issue Debit Cards. Just walk in, open an account or request a new debit card, and walk out with the new debit card in-hand…instantly! Plus there are multiple card designs to choose from. No more waiting to receive a card in the mail; no more inconvenience, having to carry cash or checks until a replacement or new debit card is received.

Enjoy these benefits...
• Receive a debit card the day you open a new account.
• Replace a lost or stolen debit card with one visit to your nearest Cypress Bank location.

The criteria for receiving an instant issue card at account opening are:
• An opening deposit of $100 with proof of employment, or
• An opening deposit of $300, or
• With officer approval

 Some fees and conditions may apply. Instant Issue only applies to in-office visits. Cypress Bank does not mail Instant Issue Debit Cards.

To report a lost or stolen card, call (800) 472-3272, option 2.
To activate your new Debit Card please call (800) 472-3272, option 1.
To reach our fraud department, if you have a case number, call (833) 735-1894.


Q: Will my debit card work anywhere?
A: Your Cypress Bank Debit Card will work anywhere within the United States. If traveling internationally, call your local branch to report your travel dates and destinations. This will ensure your card keeps working outside of the United States.

Q: Why isn’t my transaction going through?
A: Your card may be restricted if you are initiating transactions outside your “normal” spending pattern. To help reduce the risk of your card being restricted, you should initiate PIN-based transactions whenever possible.

Q: My card is restricted. Now what?
A: If the Cypress Fraud Detection Service suspects fraudulent or suspicious activity involving your debit card, they will attempt to call you to verify the transaction. Make sure you always keep your phone number information updated with the bank. If the fraud service is unable to speak with you, they may restrict your card for your protection. We recommend programming the Cypress Fraud Detection Service phone number in your phone so you know when they are calling. The number is 1-833-735-1894.

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