Mobile Banking


Mobile Banking

You live on the go, so we've made it easy to bank on the go. Monitor your finances with our mobile banking app for secure, convenient, and easy control anywhere, anytime. Make secure deposits right from your mobile device.

    • Secure Touch ID™ Log In or Facial Recognition on newer devices
    • Instant Balance Ability
    • Manage transfers and internal loan payments
    • Pay your bills using “Bill Capture”
    • SecureAlerts 

      New SecureAlerts from Cypress Bank let you know the moment something important happens in your account by instantly sending a message via text*, email, or to your Online Banking message center. With SecureAlerts you’ll always know exactly what’s happening with your money, and you can watch for suspicious activity. It’s a free service for our customers/members.

       Choose from dozens of SecureAlerts.

    • Monitor your account activity such as:

       A purchase using your debit card was just processed.

       An ATM withdrawal is made.

      A check clears that exceeds the amount you set. 

      Messages are sent instantly using any of the delivery channels you choose:

       Text Messages

      One of the easiest ways to receive SecureAlerts is through text messages on your smartphone*, or wearable devices.


      Receive email messages about your account activity.

      Online Banking Message Center

      View your SecureAlerts every time you log on to Online Banking.
      *Message and data rates may apply.

    •  Set up your real time SecureAlerts:
      Log on to Online Banking.

      Select Alerts.
       Click each Category in Alert Options to view the list of available alerts.
       Select the Alerts you want to receive for each account. Then check how you would like to receive them, and Save.
       You’ll now receive a message the moment any of your alerts are triggered. It’s that simple.

       With SecureAlerts you’ll always know exactly what’s happening with your money, and you can watch for suspicious activity.

       We invite you to set up your SecureAlerts today.

    • Mobile Deposit
      • Before logging into the Mobile Deposit app, close all other apps running in the background on your mobile phone.
      • Endorse the back of your check in blue/black ink as follows: Signature of Payee (must be account holder) Cypress Bank Mobile Deposit
      • When prompted for the amount, carefully enter the check amount to ensure it matches the amount written on your check. Be sure to include the decimal.
      • Flatten folded or crumpled checks before taking your photos.
      • Keep the check within the view finder on the camera screen when capturing your photos.
      • Try not to get too much of the areas surrounding the check.
      • Take the photos of your check in a well-lit area.
      • Place the check on solid dark background before taking the photo of it.
      • Keep your phone flat and steady above the check when taking your photos.
      • Hold the camera as square to the check as possible to reduce corner to corner skew.
      • Make sure that the entire check image is visible and in focus before submitting your deposit.
      • No shadows across the check
      • All four corners are visible
      • Check is not blurry
      • The MICR line (numbers on the bottom of your check) is readable.
      • $2500 daily limit per business day
      • 1 check per deposit
      • 4 pm daily cutoff
      • You agree to securely store each original check that you deposit of at least sixty (60) days. After sixty (60) days and no later than ninety (90) days, you will safely destroy the original check.
      • You will promptly provide any retained check, or a sufficient copy of the front and back of the check, to the Bank as requested.

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Mobiliti Mobile Source Capture - Supported Devices


Mobiliti Retail Certified Device List


Google Android Models

      • Android 9.0 or later
      • Cameras with 2.0+ Megapixel resolution and autofocus
      • Either touch screen or keyboard phones

Apple IPhone 

      • Apple IOS 14.0 or newer

IPad 3, 4 and Mini (available is contracted for IPad app)

      • Apple IOS 14.0 or newer
      • Cameras with 2.0+ Megapixel resolution and autofocus


Google Android Tablets

    • Android 9.0 or newer
    • Cameras with 2.0+ Megapixel resolution and autofocus


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