Safety Deposit Box


Safety Deposit Box

Inside your local Cypress Bank vaults enjoy the comfort of knowing important documents and personal items are secure from theft and fire. We present our customers access to this opportunity at such inexpensive rates, the convenience of this service won’t break your budget! Keep what you value out of harm’s way with a safe deposit box today.

Annual payments are taken out of your Cypress Bank checking or savings account on September 5th for the following year. If you choose to start renting a box any month that is not September, the price will be calculated proportionately. Contents of safe deposit boxes are not Bank- or Federally-insured. The following four different box sizes are offered to fit your needs:

  • 3”x5” - $15.00/year
  • 3”x10” - $25.00/year
  • 5”x10” - $40.00/year
  • 10”x10” - $60.00/year

Contents Not FDIC Insured

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